How is lit-auth-signature-{address} localStorage item used?


How is lit-auth-signature-{address} localStorage item used? it seems nothing changes after removing it, just lit-auth-signature keeps the connection to the platform alive. In our app I connected Orbis to the wagmi provider and I am managing the localstorage item removal after the user disconnects the wallet, so I can centralize wallet connection for smart contract calls and orbis/ceramic/lit credentials in one place, is that a good or bad idea? I feel it was a bit messy after trying different accounts in the same app session... two items are created: lit-auth-signature and lit-auth-signature-0xyourAddress, both have the same content, after removing just the second one, nothing changes in the app, I can continue encrypting/decrypting and everything just with the first item

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this is used for multi-accounts, if someone logs in with two different accounts we don’t erase the lit-signature we just replace it with the lit-signature-0x and if it’s not there we ask the user to generate a new one by signing the Lit message