Is there ownership on"context" by website?


is there ownership on"context" by website? meaning only specific website referrer can create a post for a specific context? A user need to use specific website to post on a specific context.
if none, then any website can use the same context?

I'm worried if someone might break my custom data in specific context. It would be nice if resaving custom data is required on updatePost and if possible the first creator of a context can add a required schema|types on custom data. so other apps could adhere to specific rules if they use it.

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I personally love the interoperability, although some apps might break or even clear your data if they don't process them correctly. For example on updateProfile(), if you forgot to resubmit any previous unchanged data then it will be considered as empty. The same goes for custom data.

It's important to understand 2 things here: Writing/Query content on the network VS display the information in your interface (front-end). So yes by default you can query / write on any context BUT you can filter what you are displaying on your front-end by adding new rules. Example: 3 apps write content on a same context BUT only specific informations within the "data" parameter should be accepted to actually display this content in your front-end. At some point, we might add the possibility to create new schemas for the data field + adding ownership of a context