We have some questions for the Vocdoni team.


We have some questions for the Vocdoni team. 1. Is there a way for the creator to delete an election once it's created? 2. Is there a way to set start date of the vote? 3. Do we need to request vocdoni token from the 64string faucet for deployment on Polygon mainnet?

Answers 1

1. An election can not be deleted. It can be canceled, stopped, paused and resume once is paused. This functionality will come in the next SDK version which I'm trying very hard to publish as soon as today. I will ping here once it's published. 2. Yes, just pass the startDate parameter once you create the election, the same way you do it with endDate. If startDate is not set, the election will start the next block, this means, ASAP. 3. Vocdoni has the Vochain, our own blockchain build on Tendermint in order to allow gasless voting. I don't understand which part has to be deployed on Polygon. Could you explain further?